Learning Tai Chi Chuan

Virtual Video School Strategy for Learning Tai Chi Chuan.


This Lesson Series was created to teach the Traditional Yang Long Form in Tai Chi Chuan. As our popularity grows, we hope to produce more Lessons of more advanced Tai Chi Chuan techniques. 


Members, will always have access to all Lessons throughout a term of Membership. You will see a reminder in your email when your membership is about to expire. It will continue if you renew the account. Please join us.

Advanced Instruction

When you have learned the forms, make an appointment to meet Sifu Kampa for a series of fine tuning sessions or to learn other aspects of Tai Chi Chuan, including self defense techniques. Contact Seacoast Tai Chi Institute.


We have divided the Yang Long Form of Tai Chi Chuan into three Sections. Each Section contains several Lessons. Learn Lesson 01, then learn Lesson 02, then 03, then link them together. Each day, when reviewing what you have just learned, always start from the beginning, ending with the most recent Lesson you have learned.


Expand the video to full screen using the button at the lower right on each video viewer. Press the arrow to start the video. Use the spacebar to pause and restart. The Next button leads to the next lesson.

You will receive health and healing benefits of Tai Chi Chuan no matter how slowly and carefully you learn. One hour per day is a very good day.