Long Form | Section 1

Introduction & Lesson 01

Introduction (Opening)

  • Set your feet equal distance under your hips.
  • Raise the palms up and float the palms down with the arms extended. Straighten your back into the attention position (the wrists will be bent at a 90° angle).
  • Then raise the arms back up in front of the shoulders (keeping the wrists bent here still). Sit low and hollow the chest slightly inward.
  • Sink the left hand and arm down, sweeping across the front of your knees to your right side all the way under your right hand. Flip your left hand over (holding the Qi ball position).

Part the Horse’s Mane (Left Ward Off)

  • Look forward (front), then turn the right foot outward 45° while holding the ball.
  • Lift your left heel, step directly in front with the left foot.
  • Transfer the your center of gravity to the middle position.
  • Float the right hand to the side.
  • Complete the shift forward over the left leg at 99.9% and ward off forward with the left arm-Part the Horse’s Mane (Left Ward Off) [Pause]