Long Form | Section 1

Lesson 03

Roll-Back, Press, Retreat & Push Hands Forward
(Lu, An, Chi, Tui-so)

Notes: Both hips move equally back and forth with the hand movements. Keep your chest hollow. Do not let your upper part of your body move back and forth with the hips. When shifting into the back position, your center of gravity will be about 70/30%. When shifting forward your center of gravity will be at about 80-90/10 position.

  • (Roll Back) Softly turn both hands at your wrists. Bring the left hand to your waist. Turn the right palm downward. Then move both hips back and turn the hips slightly to the left.

[Mini Pause]

  • (Press) Square the hips and set the hands together with the left palm pressing the right palm. Shift your center of gravity forward. [Mini Pause]
  • (Retreat) Equally separate the hands apart at shoulders width and shoulders height. Set the hips equally back again and float the hands down toward the hips [Mini Pause]
  • (Push) Place the hands in front of your chest and shift forward 80-90% forward. [Pause]