Long Form | Section 1

Lesson 04

Grasping Sparrow’s Tail & Single Whip

  • Place the left hand under the right elbow. Set both hips further back and turn the right foot inward (pigeon toed transition) then move both hands 360° counter clockwise full circle with the hips. Shift your center of gravity as needed from left to the right hip & leg.
  • Push right palm out to the right and grasp the fingertips together striking with the back of right hand.
  • Look left 180°, drop the left elbow and turn the left palm up (fingers pointing upward).
  • Lift the left heel open the left knee out, pivot your center 180° to the left side.
  • Step with the left foot square the hips and push with the left hand, shifting forward 99.9%
  • Turn right foot inward 45°. [Pause]