Long Form | Section 1

Lesson 11-12

Roll Back Punch, Back Fist Strike

  • (Roll Back Punch) Close right hand into a fist, flip the left palm up and turn left leg with toe 45° outward. Shift your center of gravity over the left leg to balance. [Mini Pause]
  • Lift right heel and turn the right knee 45° outward. Step forward for a right open stance and with your right foot placed outward at 45°.
  • (Back Fist Strike) Shift your center of gravity to the middle position and square the hips.
  • Strike with the backhand of your right fist. Let your fist rest at your right hip. Advance all the way forward and push with left palm. [Pause]

Lesson #12

Left Palm Block & Right Fist Punch

  • (Left Palm Block) Step straightforward with the left foot. Advance to your middle. Block towards your right center with the left palm (fingers pointing upward).
  • (Right Fist Punch) Square your hips forward, advance 80-90% over left leg and punch with the right fist. [Pause]