Long Form | Section 2

Lesson 10

Left Palm Block & Right Fist Punch Drawback Block Down, Turn Left & Slanting Flying

  • Step forward with the left leg. Shift the middle position. Palm block inward with the left hand. Square your hips forward, keep your left palm still and advance while punching straight with the right (vertical) fist.
  • Place your left hand on top of your right shoulder. Draw your hips back and pull your right fist to the right side of your head. The left palm should float down in front of your center protecting the groin.
  • Drop your right hand down over the left hand and hold the Qi ball. Turn your left hip and foot outward 45°. Shift into your middle position while separating your hands. Advance 99.9% onto your left leg into the diagonal ward-off (Slanting Flying).