Long Form | Section 2

Lesson 11

Ward Off, Grasping Sparrow’s Tail Single Whip Combination

  • (Ward Off) Sweep the right hand slight left (short block) and lift the right heel (keep the knee right pointing directly forward).
  • Step forward (east) with the right foot, hold the Qi ball transition and shift your center of gravity to the middle. Square the hips and continue to shift your center of gravity 90% forward.
  • Raise both hands up in front of your chest with the left palm facing behind the right palm then, finish by turning the left foot in 45°. [Pause]
  • (Roll Back) Raise the right arm parallel to the left arm. Softly flip the left palm up then bring the left hand to your waist. Slowly draw both hips back and turn the hips slightly to the left.

     [Mini Pause]

  • (Press) Square the hips and set the hands together with the left palm pressing the right palm. Shift your center of gravity forward. [Mini Pause]
  • (Retreat) Equally separate the hands apart at shoulders width and shoulders height. Set the hips equally back again and float the hands down toward the hips [Mini Pause]
  • (Push) Place the hands in front of your chest and shift your body forward 80-90% forward. [Pause]
  • (Grasping Sparrow’s Tail Single Whip) Place the left hand under the right elbow. Set both hips further back and turn the right foot inward (pigeon toed transition) then move both hands 360° counter clockwise full circle with the hips. Shift your center of gravity as needed from left to the right hip & leg.
  • Push right palm out to the right and grasp the fingertips together striking with the back of right hand.
  • Look left 180°, drop the left elbow and turn the left palm up (fingers pointing upward).
  • Lift the left heel open the left knee out, pivot your center 180° west to the left side.
  • Step with the left foot square the hips and push with the left hand, shifting forward 99.9%
  • Turn right foot inward 45°. [Pause]