Long Form | Section 2

Lesson 18

Roll-Back Punch, Right Deflect, Left Hand Push, Left Palm Block & Right Fist Punch

(Roll-Back Punch) Flip your right palm up and raise your right fist upward at head level. (create a round shape with your arms in this position like a capital C). Draw the hips back.

(Right Deflect) Lift and step with the right foot forward and out (adjust the toes to the right 45°). Repeat – Shift forward half way and defect or strike forward with the right fist (use the back of your fist).

(Left Hand Push) Then draw the right fist back to your right hip, shift all the way forward and push with the left hand.

(Left Palm Block & Right Fist Punch) Step forward with the left foot. Shift half way forward and palm block with left (use your hips). Then square your hips forward. Shift all the way onto the left leg and punch with your right fist. (fist should be vertical with the left palm near the right elbow)