Long Form | Section 2

Lesson 19

Draw Back Block Down, Turn Left Slanting Flying & Right Straight Kick

(Draw Back Block Down) Place the left hand over your right shoulder. Then slide it down your arm towards your fist. Slide it past the fist to protect your groin. Draw the right fist up to your right ear to protect your head.

(Turn Left Slanting Flying) Pivot your left foot outward 45°.  Set your hand down and hold the Qi ball low (right hand on top of left). Shift your center towards your left halfway then separate the hands into Left Slanting Flying. (the right hand is low near your right leg, the left hand is higher at shoulder level with the fingers pointing towards your direction). Advance 99.9% onto your left leg.

(Right Straight Kick) Raise the right hand in front of your left hand, crossed at the wrists. Raise both arms straight up and separate arms out for the left leg balance. Set the arms horizontal. The right hand should be directly in front of your head while the left hand is 180° directly opposite of the right hand. Set your balance on the left hip and leg 99.9%. Then raise the right leg for a right foot strait kick. Draw the right foot back to protect your left knee. Stay 100% balanced on your left leg.