Long Form | Section 2

Lesson 28

Look Right, Look Left & Cross Hands

(Look Right) Shift both hips back 60%. Press both hands forward while in the back stance position. Turn the left foot inward towards the east. Turn your body center to the right 90° with both hands and chest facing north. Look right (east); shift your body onto your right foot 90% with a slight lean towards the east and push with your right hand towards that direction.

(Look Left & Cross Hands) Then look left (west), shift your body onto your left foot 99.9% with a slight lean towards the west and push with your left hand towards that direction. Set both shoulders down into your waist. Face north with your head, then move your right foot back near your left leg into the natural stance position. Stay low and slowly drop the arms towards your knees. Cross the hand together with the right hand in front of the left. (Both hands are lined up directly across the throat).