Long Form | Section 3

Lesson 18

Snake Creeps, Step Up To Seven Stars

(Snake Creeps) Flip right palm upward. Turn the right foot outward. Draw the body back to the right leg. Meanwhile, left foot and the left palm moves inward bringing the left palm to the center of your chest. In a circular flow, drop the left hand downward towards the left leg. Follow the hand down the inside of leg to the left foot. When you get the left hand to the left foot, turn the left foot directing southwest outward. Set the body diagonally to the left. Keep the circular movement of the left hand flowing upward shifting the body forward onto the left leg. Shift all the way to 99.9% in that diagonal position.

(Step Up To Seven Stars) Close the left hand into a fist. Reversed the fist back in a circular movement downward bending from the elbow, bring it forward and up to its original place. Keep your balance on the left leg 99.9% and step forward with the right foot into a cat stance position with the right foot placed on its ball. Next, position the left fist directly in front of your head at arms length and close the right hand into a fist. Raise the right fist in front of the left fist displaying the hands in a crossed position at the wrists.