Long Form | Section 3

Lesson 19

Step Back To Tiger, Lotus Kick

(Step Back To Tiger) Next, open both hands and turn the right palm to face the left palm. Step back with the right leg with the right foot facing north. Gaze at your right hand, shift back to your right leg 99.9% and separate the hands apart by raising the right hand above your head to the right with the left hand lower to the left knee. Set your left foot the toe in cat stance position. Then, face west, square your hips and shoulders; brush the left with the left hand and bring your right hand forward resembling a football quarterback throwing the ball. [Mini Pause]

(Lotus Kick) Turn both hands clockwise. Place your hands in front of the chest with the left hand in front of the right hand with both palms facing down.

(a) Prepare to turn around 360°.

(b) Hold your balance on your right leg and hold your arms still.

(c) Sink down and bring your left leg behind with left foot hooked inward.

(d) Turn your whole body clockwise with the left leg.

(e) Land your left foot 270° softly while holding balance on point.

(f) Shift your center to your left leg. Continue to turn clockwise 90° completing the full turn around facing west again putting your position in the cat stance with the right foot placed on its toe.

(g) Switch your right hand in front of the left hand. Swing your right arm clockwise in a big circle pausing to the right 270°; almost looks like hold guitar right position.

(h) Simultaneously lift your right leg clockwise to extend your kick out, while the left and right hand moves horizontally from right to left tagging the right foot on center facing west for the Lotus Kick. The kick should approximately be close to 3 – 5 feet high.

(i) Immediately after tagging, the hands move to the opposite side; almost looks like hold guitar left position. This all happens in a snap.

(j) The right leg must quickly stay held up with the right foot protecting the left knee.

*Note: upon tagging hands and foot, hold your balance the whole time during this process on your left leg – both hands are positioned with left thumb down and the right thumb up, the right palm is touching the back of the left hand. Meanwhile as the right foot lifts clockwise, the hands tag the top of the right foot quick and precise. To make this process easier, steady your balance, bend the right knee so the hands can reach the right foot. Use the left hip to swing and lift the right leg for the kick.