Long Form | Section 3

Lesson 21

Deflect, Parry and Punch

Look diagonally northwest to the right. Slowly downward, sink your left fist open and flip the palm facing upward while slightly raise the right fist above the head level. With the arms in a large capital “C” shape draw your center backwards on the left leg. Then lift the right foot and adjust the foot diagonally outward pointing northwest. Shift your body to your center position so are an equally 50% in each leg. Slowly sink your right arm down and in a forward roll with the arm, deflect or block with the right arm and pull the fist back to your right hip. Simultaneously bring your left hand next to your left fist and shift diagonally forward on to your right leg whilst pushing with the left palm towards the west into a right diagonal open stance. Next, keep your balance on your right leg and step forward towards the west. Keep the chest hollow and parry with the left palm to the right using your hips. Next, square your hips and shoulders towards the west and shift your center forward simultaneously with the right fist to punch.