Long Form | Section 3

Lesson 22

Apparent Withdraw, Push, Cross Hands, Conclusion

(Apparent Withdraw) Place the left palm upward and underneath the right elbow. Sweep the right hand over to your left elbow. Bring both hips back then separate arms with a left arm ward off in front.

(Push) Square the hips and place both hands in front of your chest. Shift your center of gravity forward 90% push with both palms forward.
Sit back and direct another pressing the palms forward from the back position. (Mini Pause)

(Look Right and Left) Set the right hip and turn the left foot inward 90° towards the front direction. Turn your center 90° and look to the right 180°. Lean to the right and push. Look left 180° and shift 99.9% onto the left leg, lean and push left.

(Cross Hands) Look 90° to the front, keep both hands equally pushing left and right and lift the right heel. Place the right foot back near the left foot into the neutral position and reset your center of gravity to the middle. Sink down and drop both arms to the knees crossing the arms at the wrist with the right hand in front of the left hand. Stay low and sit up, then bring the hands up towards your center. Raise the crossed hands in front of your throat. Right hand should be in front of the left hand.

(Conclusion) Complete Tai-Chi Chuan Section 3. Separate the hands apart just shoulder width with the palms facing upwards. Stand all the way up into the attention stance and flip the palms slowly down placing the hands to your sides with the wrists bent. Pause for 5 to 10 seconds completing the Yang Family Classical Long Form.