Tai Chi Chuan Lessons with Sifu Kampa VaShi Deva

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This series begins your journey with the Traditional Yang Style Long Form, the first Tai Chi Chuan form all students are encouraged to learn. Genuine Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan is now available to everyone. We have produced and provided 64 video Lessons divided into 3 Sections. Students who follow each Lesson carefully will learn Tai Chi Chuan correctly, as taught for hundreds of years by the Masters. The benefits to your energy, health and mind are tremendous, at every level, for all ages. Please join us. We welcome you!

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What is Tai Chi Chuan?

Tai Chi Chuan is a gentle, fluid sequence of internal mindfulness and external body position patterns. Practice will strengthen your body and your mind, heal ailments, and increase your awareness and control of the life force energy called Qi (chi). As one learns well the forms of Tàijíquán or Tai Chi Chuan, it will begin to evolve into an advanced technique of self defense. The primary benefit of Tai Chi Chuan is mindfulness and optimal health.

Legends say that Tai Chi Chuan began in China by a man called Zhang Sanfeng, who called his art Neijia almost 1,800 years ago. Now, it is a common practice all over China. This practice is a martial art with slow, relaxed, and flowing movements.

The descriptive meaning of Tai-Chi is “superior-ultimate”. In other literal versions it is known as a “moving meditation” or “moving like a great river”. The word Chuan means fist”. In Chinese texts Chuan also means boxing”. Together Tai-Chi Chuan means Superior-Ultimate Shadow Boxing.

Tai Chi Chuan is ideal for those seeking gentle rehabilitative exercises for reducing tension and stress of the body. In today’s modern medicine doctors refer Tai-Chi to their clients for supporting balance and controlling anxiety. Devoted students are known to study Tai-Chi Chuan for “innate power” of your “true nature” through calmness. It is a low impact exercise that emphasizes on balance, grace, and fluidity through motion.

Gentle & Powerful, Meditative Exercise

Practice for Optimal Health, Strength & Confidence

“Tai Chi Chuan is the best workout for my body and mind that I know without panting or sweating or waking up tomorrow with soreness. Tai Chi gives me energy. Leaves me wanting more!”

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