The many reasons students love Tai Chi Chuan.

I have had many labor jobs through life, and played a lot of sports. These days, I prefer not to strain my breathing, my heart or my tendons. But I want a thorough workout to keep me strong and balanced. After Tai Chi Chuan, I feel like I have been downhill skiing all day, but I am positively energized instead of tired. It is the perfect physical and spiritual fitness art for all ages. Leaves me wanting more.

Chris Thompson


Kampa VaShi Deva is dedicated, patient, entertaining, and articulate. Tai Chi requires deep concentration and at first, some measure of physical strength. Don’t be fooled by how slow he moves. It is harder than it looks. But at the same time, everyone can do it, at their own level of strength and improve every day. This is a wonderful fitness art for health and spirit.

Mark Saintonge



We have begun this series of video lessons to teach Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan to anyone anywhere. This series begins with the Traditional Long Form. We are producing many more lessons in all levels of Tai Chi Chuan and will soon include self defense techniques. You will always have access to all levels of lessons for as long as you are a registered member. Please join us. We welcome you!

Class Portraits

Some members of our North Shore Tai Chi family.