Long Form | Section 2

Lesson 23

Drawback Left Slanting Flying & Right Straight Kick

(Drawback Left Slanting Flying) Open the left hand and flip it over. Then turn the left foot out (SW). Move your body to the left, float the left arm across your chest. As you turn halfway to the left, open your right hand while transitioning into the slanting flying position with your chest facing southwest and the head looking west. Shift your center onto your left foot 99.9%. (Your left fingers should also be facing west). The right hand is placed low to protect groin.

(Right Straight Kick) Cross your right hand under the left hand. Raise the arms up and separate your hands with your left hand directly east behind you and with the right hand directly west in front of you. Set your center balance on the left foot. Mark your target with the right hand and raise your right leg for a straight kick forward. [Pause]