Long Form | Section 3

Lesson 16

High Pat On Horse, Plain Cross Hands, Turn And Cross Kick

(High Pat On Horse) (facing west) Turn your left palm up. Sit back and balance on to your right leg. Set the left foot on the toe. Bring your clinched right hand over your left shoulder then open it. In a circular pattern, draw your left hand to your left hip with the palm up. Raise your right up hand and forward in front of your chest then bring it down at diaphragm level.

Step forward into an open stance with the left foot and advance into your right leg, then extend the left hand forward with the palm facing up. As you strike the left hand forward, the back of the left hand and arm should slide on the back of the right hand. Your arm will extend until the left elbow rest on top of the back of the right hand.

(Plain Cross Hands) Turn the left arm and palm upward to protect your head. Hold your balance on the left and turn the left leg inward as far as you can, turn your attention to your right 180° to face east with your body and arms. Raise both hands upward then separate the hands outward to a horizontal position with the left hand facing west and the right hand facing east.

(Turn And Cross Kick) Step back with the right foot, crossing the right leg back as if you were to put your foot down behind you. Let your right foot float. Lift the right leg kick up, using the left hip to support the lift. After the kick, leave the right leg up with the right foot protecting the left knee.