Long Form | Section 2

Lesson 06

Raise Hands, Right Shoulder Brush, Right Part Wild Horses Mane

(Similar to Lesson #5 in Section 1)

  • (Raise Hands) Look north towards the front direction. Turn the left leg with foot about 1.5” to 2” outward 45°. Shift back to the left leg; raise left arm and then the right arm. Set both palms facing north. [Mini Pause]
  • (Play The Harp) Raise the right leg up high and then place the right heel down facing the north on the floor with the toes up. Drop both arms to the side then lift both arms up towards the north. Weight position should be 99.9% on the left leg. [Mini Pause]
  • (Right Shoulder Brush) Flip left palm up and bring it down by the left knee. Flip the right palm down and bend down pressing the right palm straight down. Step slightly wider into a right open stance. Advance into the middle position dropping the right shoulder. Wrap the left hand around the right elbow, flip your right palm up then brush the left hand down your right arm.
  • (Right – Part White Horses Mane) Flip the right palm up and sit up right; advance 99.9% north all the way to front leg while raising the right arm ward off in front of your right shoulder. [Pause]