Long Form | Section 2

Lesson 07

White Crane Stands On One Leg, Play Guitar, Brush Knee & Push

(Similar to Lesson #6 in Section 1)

  • (White Crane Stands On One Leg) Look left 90° with your head facing west.  Place the left foot west on the toes. Turn the hips square; let your left hand brush the left side. Square you body and let you right arm and hand raise upward over your head.
  • (Play Guitar) Float the right arm down counter clockwise then up horizontal to the right. Bring the left hand inward towards your chest.
  • (Brush Knee & Push) Sink your body and step wider into left open stance. Square your hips and move into your middle position, brush left knee with the left thumb, advance 99.9% forward onto the left leg while your right palm is pushing forward.