Long Form | Section 3

Lesson 10

Golden Rooster Stands On One Leg Left & Right

Lightly open the right hand. Slowly drop the right hand down to the side of your right thigh. Flip the left palm down and slowly drop the hand at hip level, meanwhile raise the right hand, palm facing up parallel to the left hand. Set your balance on the left leg. Lift the right knee forward towards the left leg. Raise the right knee with the right hand to stand on the left leg. Then bring the hand slowly down to the side near left knee with the palm facing downward. The right fingertips should be pointing upward with the right elbow lined closely on top of the right knee. Straighten your spine stand upright for about 3 second.

Sink straight down the standing leg until the right toe touches the floor. Turn the left palm up and the right palm down. Step behind with the right foot. Let the right hand sink with the right leg. Shift your center to the back leg and set your balance. Lift the left knee up with the left hand. Straighten your spine stand upright for about 3 second. Left fingertips should be pointing up and the right palm face down settled by side of right thigh. [Mini Pause]