Long Form | Section 3

Lesson 13

Needle At Sea Bottom; Fan Through the Back & Snake Spits Its Tongue

(Needle At Sea Bottom) Lift your right foot and bring the forward behind the left heel. [Mini Pause] Then place the right foot back to its original position.

Sit back on the right leg 99.9% while bringing the right fingertips near your cheek. Meanwhile your left hand remains near the side of your left knee.

Extend your right arm forward pushing the hand. Turn the right hand down with fingers pointing towards the ground. Sink your body downward and allow your right hand to dip towards the ground.

(Fan Through Back) Raise the right back to the cheek. Lift the right arm up at shoulder level.

Step forward into left open stance. Shift your body to the middle position.

Raise the right hand above the head. Keep the elbows bent. Place the left palm forward then advance and shift 99.9% over the left leg.